About Us

Business and Technology Consulting for Next Generation Networks

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SolanoTech Ltd is an Irish based Telecommunication Business and Technology Consulting Company for Equipment Manufacturers, System Integrators, Service Providers and Enterprise markets.

SolanoTech is addressing the rapidly expanding market for Next Generation Network Management solutions including Service Management and Assurance, Customer Experience Management, Subscriber Management, End-to-End Session, Mobility and User Plane Traffic Monitoring, OSS Transformations etc. and the need for reliable control and user interface systems for these solutions.

SolanoTech also specialises in end-to-end IPTV consulting to system integrators, operators and enterprises.

We are professional, competitive and competent in our service

Founded by Telecom Industry experts with extensive experience in fixed, mobile and wireless networks, the Company has specialist expertise in blending competencies in Java enabling technologies, IPTV, Next Generation Networks and Telecom Web Services.

Meet The Founders

John Mee, CEO

John has over 27 years of industry experience in telecom systems development primarily in management roles. John has operated at senior management levels with Ericsson R&D in Ireland, USA and Germany. His technology domain areas have been in Radio Network Controllers and Network Management systems for radio networks. John has extensive experience in building technical teams and in implementing technology and operational change programs. He has vast experience in the development of real time telecom grade systems. John is a graduate of NUI Galway (Applied Physics) and Trinity College Dublin (Management) and has created a number of filed patents in the mobile communications sphere which have been assigned to Ericsson.

Santanu Mazumdar, CTO

Santanu has over 17 years of experience in the Networking, Telecommunication Software and Telco Industry space. He has a very broad range of experience working in a variety of Senior Technical roles with large telecom vendors such as Ericsson and Nokia, along with other large multinationals and niche start-ups. Before founding SolanoTech, Santanu was employed with Dublin based Telecom Services Provider, 3PlayPlus Ltd (under brand HomeVision) as a Technical Director where he designed and commissioned the technical solution for a combined Voice, IPTV and Internet service offering over fibre and ordinary phone line. Santanu holds first class honours primary degrees in Physics and Computer Science along with a master’s degree in Computer Science. Santanu has been an invited speaker at a number of national and international technical conferences in areas of IMS, FMC and IPTV. He is a TOGAF® 9 Certified Enterprise Architect and Oracle Certified Master Java EE 5 Enterprise Architect (OCMJEA).