Our services

We're here to help with all your business and technology needs

We provide advanced technology and business consulting services in areas of Network Management, OSS/BSS, Assurance, SON and IPTV.

Technology Strategy

We provide technology strategy and a balanced viewpoint that aligns your business needs with technology choice.

IPTV Solutions

We bring you a flexible and customisable solution enabling end-to-end delivery of IPTV services and help you integrate them into your existing platforms.

Technical Writing

We provide expert technical writing services for customer and product documentation.

Change Management

Using thoughtful planning, proper strategy, simple vision and sensitive implementation we make organisational change a success story.

Programme Management

With several parallel projects and parallel customer delivery tracks, big organisations are increasingly facing difficulties in traditional project management approaches. We successfully manage large and complex programme office.

Product Management

We strike the right balance between business requirements and technology needs be it a new product introduction within a large multinational or an innovative product idea from a niche start-up.

We deliver powerful and complex technology solutions to our customers in the Telecommunication industry vertical. Our Technology consulting practice has many years of domain and technology expertise within fixed and mobile telephony networks and provides our customers with the right support for their needs.

Some of the recent work we have done involves system architecture and product management of a Telecom Network Analytics product for a large international Telecom vendor and System Architecture of a Telecom Data Security product for a niche Technology Company.

Our business advisory and consulting practice helps our customers achieve operational excellence and provides the right advice within stakeholder management, programme management, change management and other structural management within business units.

Some of the recent work we have done involves programme office management of a large Telecom multinational involving multiple product portfolio in a multisite environment.

We provide software solutions and product development service through Sidero. Sidero is an independent Irish based IT Services and Technology Solutions Company providing cutting edge technology solutions to Telecommunication vendors and service operators.

For further information visit Sidero Technology Solutions.


SolanoTech is a dynamic, ambitious company operating in a technically challenging and strong growth area. We are looking for people who are passionate about learning and what they do. We provide significant development opportunities for ICT engineers who can combine domain knowledge in Telecoms with a strong Software Engineering discipline. SolanoTech is a company which provides a fair, open and flexible environment for its employees.

We recruit locally and internationally through our recruitment partners.